Sunday, September 11, 2005

Welcome To Snake's Ladder !

Live Your Virtual Lives

Today, as I start my first 'blog' site my thoughts are with my American friends, who recall the tragedy in NYC 4 years ago. Soon, I shall be planning my in world activities as a sponsor of the SL Convention, a unique cross world venture to link up visitors in NYC and Second Life in a series of meetings and events which span the digital divide between the 1L and 2L worlds. How strange to think how roads meet this way...and how I hope the new virtual universes we inhabit can contribute something to the long fought desire for peace in the first world. The name of my site ' Snake's Ladder' is taken from a board game popular with adults and children, which I am sure many of you know which takes you through an adventure with rewards and perils, and lessons to be learned. You advance ' up' the ladders... and ' down' the snakes... It seemed the best name for my site considering my virtual name and my logo. 1st and 2nd Life both are full of ladders of luck and opportunity and snakes of downfall and disaster but that is Life.. virtual or otherwise.. and I am glad to be living it... unlike so many we mourn whose lives were lost....

Just like 1L ( so called ' real life or.. RL as some refer to it), 2L (Virtual Life or 'Second' Life) can be full of surprises. You never know when there is a waiting ladder to take you on and upwards, maybe its skills, learning, new friends, or even earning money... and equally you are always taken by surprise when you land on a hungry snake who decides to change your life and spiral you back down to an earlier level, or lose skills, points, money, or some other disappointment or disaster..

I have been playing on the internet almost all my life now it seems, from Lara Croft (one of the my two 'heroes' the other is Bruce Lee.. to my own virtual self ' Snakekiss' (who has at least two things in common with Lara.. ha).
I play (or I am..) Snakekiss in many games, from Diablo 2 online, to Neocron, and Project Entropia and in the main in the amazing universe of Second Life, where I am Snakekiss Noir.

I also have played Deuz Ex, and the adult online game Sociolotron, and regularly look, read and test new virtual worlds and games... I cannot wait until I can ' walk or fly' round completely immersed in a virtual world just like in Star trek Holodeck... that would be my ideal...

'More real than real.. is our goal here...' as Dr Eldon Tyrell said in Blade Runner.

Yes I am a serious virtual worlds person.. and maybe yes it is for me an ' escape', a complete contrast to my 1L existence and work. My favorite movies are Blade Runner, Dune, 5th Element, Matrix, Casablanca, Marx Brothers and St Trinians !

On this site I will be your guide through the virtual worlds inhabited by me and many others, mostly about the main 3 games, listed with links on the site, Second Life, Neocron, and Project Entropia but also about anything in 1L or 2L which takes my interest .. and of yours... dear Visitors..

Welcome. or as we say in Japan, Hajimemashite.. ! Dozo Yoroshkou onegaishimasu ! .. pleased to meet you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"My dreams were the color of my family quilt washed in the mountain stream until it was as faded as the dawn of the late morning smelling of rock and tree spore, moist as the hand of fear. Yet children's eyes remember the colors my grandmother wove like laughter stained by slippery grass. Today I finger that quilt, imagining the sudden reds of the mountain's ember flower, and the boiled blue dye of pfeina bark in the buckets. So are dreams remended into worn fabric that once warmed my sisters from the snowinf flakes."

The hermit Ki
from Notes in a bottle


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Anonymous anxxel said...

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